Your People Are Your Growth Plan

What if your organization already has everything it needs to be successful?

What if you had all the right people? All the right strategies? Maybe even the right processes and systems?

What if the only thing needed is to harness and tap into the power and potential that is already there?

We’ve been working with organizations for over 20 years and have discovered something quite intriguing … 

An organization is constituted by its people.

People are the heart, soul, and embodiment of an organization’s current reality and its future potential.

Our clients have more available in terms of talent, resources and potential than they believe when we begin our work together. The trick, and it’s not a simple one, is to tap into the core of an organization—its people.

People produce results.

The walls, offices, bricks and mortar, documents, intellectual property, IT systems, software, and even products do not produce an organization’s results. 

People are the only organizational asset that are results-producing AND renewable.

Not only are they capable of being “renewed” in terms of energy, but they are also generative:  a source of “creative” energy able to imagine and manifest futures that do not reflect current reality. 

These two qualities, renewable and generative, are distinct differentiators when you assess your organization’s assets.

And yet, our organizational relationship to who people are is all too often that of a static, fixed asset to be deployed in a mechanistic manner.

When we hold a mechanistic worldview and treat people as objects, the result is high turnover, general disengagement—people put in their time and punch the clock at the end of the day. Productivity and innovation suffer. 

And, it doesn’t have to be this way.  

Our follow-up blog will speak to how to tap into, regenerate and renew your most valuable asset.