Priorities are Essential

As leaders of organizations and in life, we create the results we get. Every little and big decision charts the course of our team, organization and personal lives. Unless you know where you’re going, you’re likely to end up someplace else.

Photo Credit: Dagny Mol FlickR

Photo Credit: Dagny Mol FlickR

Ask yourself, “Is our vision clear and do we keep it in front of us at all times?” And, “Do the actions we take move us towards our vision?”

Every day it’s essential to prioritize. With constant distractions or the need to feel productive and just tick the box, it’s very easy to get swept off course. We take our eye off the ball and just get busy in the doing.

Everyone is thrown curve balls, and some more than others. We live in a world of constant change. Flexibility, reflection, listening and resilience are more essential now than ever. How we respond (rather than kneejerk react) to our changing landscape is what makes all the difference.

Change may necessitate that your vision and direction needs to be adjusted because the marketplace has changed, and your vision is not as relevant. This holds true for your life as well.

Beliefs that undergird your worldview (and the culture of your organization) can change and that may necessitate a shift in how you see life in the future.

Action follows intention and attention. Many of us react to what is most immediate and in front of us. It’s important to take the time to step back and look inside. What are my priorities? What is my intention? Has my experience changed how I see things? And look outside: What’s changing around me?

What I do with my time should reflect our intention and move us closer to our vision.

What’s your vision? Do you see yourself clearly in the picture? Do your words and actions demonstrate your priorities?  Do you offer clear direction to your organization and your team? Remember, because you are the leader (or parent) people watch your every move and take their cues from you.

What do your actions demonstrate today?