What is it that you actually DO? A video response.

Often, I am asked about the nature of our work: “What is it that you do, exactly?” Even after 20 years of being in the business of organizational and leadership development, that questions strikes fear into my heart! It is SO hard to describe what it is that we, at Trilogy Effect, do.

To work with the “softer” stuff in business is hard. Ask any leader: “What is harder? Issues with your processes, systems, products or people issues?”

Almost always the response will be: People.  And yet, this is where the magic happens.

Being human is good for business 

Our colleague Wendy Appel explains why in this short video. 


To work on any of the other areas of your business without addressing the human element is an effort of diminishing returns. You can focus on those other areas for a while, but eventually the things that get in the way of your desired performance will boil down to “people issues”. People are so darned unpredictable. However, when we harness the potential in ourselves and our colleagues, we tap into the only renewable resource inside of any organization.

Tap into your creative side

You see, humans are fundamentally creative. Once our survival needs are addressed (shelter, sustenance, etc.) we tend to want to create things. We come to work to make a difference, to contribute with our lives. That is a creative process.

Our work with teams and organizations is about tapping into that creative side in an effective way; to help reconnect with our better selves, and the better part of our co-workers. What we do takes many shapes and forms.

This includes being a facilitator, a coach, an advisor and a mediator.

But mostly what we do is remind people of who they are, and who they are at work with.

 It’s such a relief to finally have an answer for that question.

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