Wendy Appel


Wendy is a highly respected advisor, executive coach, and facilitator with a passion and presence that is immediately felt by her clients. She is a gifted participating-observer who understands leadership both from the inside (the individual experience), and the outside (how one is seen in the world). Wendy’s professional background in marketing, sales, product development, tech, and health care enables her to relate to the business world as a former ‘insider.’

Wendy will accelerate the development of your team, your executives and your organization by quickly earning trust. She opens the door to possibility and changed perceptions that lead to growth. Wendy has been listed among Inc.’s 100 great leadership speakers and thinkers, and is the author of the globally recognized leadership book, InsideOut Enneagram: The Game-Changing Guide for Leaders (March 2012).

Wendy is also a contributing member of Forbes Coaches Council.