The Purpose

Trilogy Effect’s purpose is simple … to open doors, clean windows and let the light in.

We help you see more clearly the wisdom, creativity and vitality inherent, yet untapped in you, your team and in your organization.

Most of us mistake who we are and who we work with. We don’t see ourselves and each other clearly. We think that someone needs to be fixed, or we need to work longer, harder, or we don’t have the right people on the bus.

We don’t believe people need to work harder…in fact, we believe most people work incredibly hard already. Our intent is to work with you to surface potential; the best of everyone so that there is ease in collaboration and communication, and your work world is more productive, inspiring and fun.

And the fringe benefit? People show up fully engaged in creating a successful future together. 

The Practice

Our core is founded on both rigor and openness with our clients. 

Rigor comes from our collective work with hundreds of global top and emerging companies.  Openness stems from our ability to adapt and shape our approach based on the situation, need or intent.  

Every time we engage with a client, we dedicate the time and energy to know the real, often not so evident question or challenge.  And with this insight, purposely create the joint intention of our work together.



Generous Listening

Listening is one of the most under-utilized forms of communication. We are one of the few integrating this practice into our clients’ culture.


Granted Trust

Making space for collaboration and disruption, within and across teams. Moving beyond comfort zones and silos to build capacity for accelerated innovation and breakthrough.


Collaborative Accountability

Constructing clarity for roles and responsibilities, creating common expectations and transparency for the organization. This catalyzes commitment to a collective vision and goal.


Leader Development

Coaching for leadership development, with concrete context and purpose.


Team Development

Bringing individual and team strengths, habits and triggers to light and shaping the possibilities for growth, with the Enneagram as the framework.


High-Functioning Teams

Orienting people around opportunity and broadening perspective based on shared trust, belief and culture.

The Impact

Bret Furio

CEO @ Zarbees,
Executive VP and Chief Market Leader @ Philips, Director of Sales & Marketing @ Gillette

Building strong organizations is critical to achieving business success. Trilogy Effect has proven time and again to be a critical resource and partner in helping me develop strong team engagement and a commitment to a common vision.

Bret knows Trilogy Effect’s approach works, whatever the challenge: building a high-functioning team, bringing leadership together, shaping the corporate culture, unlocking innovation, accelerating strategy implementation and creating constructive space for collaboration. Trilogy Effect is always able to make a tangible difference and deliver value to his organizations. They bring tools to solve problems that fundamentally change the way business is done for the better. The change is not just realized on the job. The transformation carries over into personal lives, into next roles and into all relationships. The impact is visible and the ROI is ongoing. For Bret, “Trilogy Effect is a part of my inner circle and one of the 1st calls I make when kicking off a new business venture.”

Gary Cohen

CEO @ Qualitor Automotive, Timex
and Playtex, VP @ P&G

This work helped us deliver beyond what we even thought was possible, and to get there FAST.

Across several companies and roles, Gary has experienced the ability of this team to quickly disarm skepticism and engage everyone in the room. This opening creates conversation for action and mobilizes teams to realize breakthrough innovation. Multiple, large-scale new product and advanced technology projects become feasible as a result of active listening, the breakdown of ‘us & them’ mentalities and thoughtful, yet accelerated decision-making. With roadblocks removed, ideas emerge and become reality within unprecedented timelines.

John Barry

CEO @ Kantar Retail,
VP @ Keurig

Our team was able to see the bigger picture, the power of ‘us.’

John describes the Trilogy Effect team as ‘part of our company’, integral to their own success. Their impact is immediately felt. People released their own agendas and gained an appreciation for each others’ contributions and individual differences. The direct result is increased awareness of the shared potential already existing within the organization. From this fundamental shift, creative energy emerges and a readiness for change. Beyond tangible business results, people are engaged, feel valued and part of something bigger.

Vidhu Dev

Pharma.D, VP of Rx to OTC Switch, R&D @ GSK

Trilogy Effect provides tools, like the Enneagram, which significantly improve the way you work with others more effectively. Applying this mindset can strengthen and build all relationships in your life.

Vidhu views Trilogy Effect’s work as applied living, with lasting, ongoing impact. This is not another corporate team training or workshop with minimal staying power. Time spent with The Trilogy Effect team fundamentally changes the way people see themselves and others. The ability to appreciate each and everyone’s contribution becomes part of the culture, embedded in every relationship. The visible benefits are many: decisions are made faster, barriers to collaboration are removed and true breakthroughs happen. And The Trilogy Effect partners show that they believe in and live their work everyday; they are not teachers, they energize people and organizations.

Christopher Rich

SVP at GSK Consumer Healthcare;
Vice President at Wyeth Consumer Healthcare

The Trilogy Effect professionals transformed a talented but diverse cross-functional group of individuals into a cohesive, high-functioning team.

At GSK and earlier at Wyeth, Chris faced the challenge of bringing disparate functional leaders together as a newly-formed cross-functional leadership team. In both cases, Chris brought in the Trilogy Effect professionals to help him drive better communication, team cohesiveness, and decision-making – and ultimately stronger business leadership. The impact was immediate and built further over time, resulting in truly high-performing leadership teams and enhanced business performance. Team members listened to each other generously, increasingly valued others’ perspectives, and worked together to make the best decisions for the broader organization. As Chris says, “We deliver better business results when we unlock the full potential of leadership teams.”

Charu Manocha

VP of Human Resources @ iRobot and Keurig

The result is a safe and cohesive environment where teams feel comfortable to openly engage in difficult conversations based on trust in one another.

As an HR Leader, Charu recognizes the need for people to feel safe and appreciated in order to realize their own potential. With support from the Trilogy Effect team, the workplace becomes more collaborative with greater attunement to the uniqueness of each person and the combined benefit to the organization. Leaders are equipped to be better coaches, through tremendous insight and tools shared. In the role of coach guided by Trilogy Effect, senior leaders understand and address group dynamics, identify and eliminate stressors and remove workplace barriers. The net result is the space to progress and achieve business ambitions.


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The Team

After decades of working with hundreds of organizations, from innovative start-ups to global market leaders, we know what works and we know what it takes to unearth possibility & to catalyze innovation and growth. 

We walk the walk. We don’t pretend to be perfect or to have all the answers. And we’re not going to come in and tell you everything you are doing is wrong or that you need fixing. 

We do this work together, with each other and with our clients because it is what we have seen make a difference in organizations and in people’s lives.  

Being human is good for business.

Heather Marasse

Managing Partner

Wendy Appel


Mary Beth Sawicki


Trilogy Effect engages with experts in our field, people we respect and who get what we do.  They are an extension of us.

Terry St. Pierre

Extended Team Member


Kim Moore

Extended Team Member

Elisa Maselli

Extended Team Member

Robert L. Weinberg, Ph.D

Extended Team Member


BEHIND THE SCENEs. People who help us stay client focused in a busy world. You'll see more people here who make things happen for trilogy effect.

Alexa Ryan

Client Care


The Blog


Connect with Trilogy Effect

The members of Trilogy Effect are often called into action to deliver conference keynotes, presentations, talks and participate in panel discussions. If you need a compelling and evocative speaker for your next event, Trilogy Effect can deliver. Connect with Trilogy Effect here or call 1-613-406-5834.


Wendy Appel was at Fathom's Sip Session | October 11, 2017

A Peek Into the World of a Female Nigerian CEO Social Impact Entrepreneur

What happens when your vision for a better world intersects with your commitment to something far greater than yourself and what you can see is possible?

Misan Rewane's story can tell us because she's been there, and she hasn’t let her fear, the dire circumstances of her country or the naysayers stop her.

Wendy Appel has had the good fortune to coach Misan and work with her organization of 40 in Nigeria. In this session, Wendy will share Misan’s story and what makes her an inspiring person, leader and successful entrepreneur. We will learn how she is reimagining v.2.0 of both her organization and board, her path to hand over the reins of the company she founded, and what it has taken for her to bring out her best.



Contact Wendy today: